Is NFP a Contraceptive Method?

It is a very common misconception that the only difference between the natural and the artificial family planning method is the way things are done; that is naturally and artificially, respectively. It is not as superficial as that, however. Natural family planning is in no way similar to any kind of contraception because it is not one with them. All contraceptive methods have only one goal, and that is to prevent pregnancy at all cost. It is not the case with natural family planning. NFP’s goal and method is to go with the flow, that is with the course of nature. It recognizes the natural effects and the potential fruits of sexual intercourse. It is because of this knowledge that it can show the respect that nature is worthy of. NFP does not frustrate in anyway a potential conception. Contraception’s goal in knowing how nature works is to know how to violate it.

A cheating student always looks at his proctor as if he is to be blamed for a potential failure. For him, cheating is “normal” and proctors are freak. That is how contraceptive mentality works. It accuses normalcy of hypocrisy, and blames the natural consequences of things to those people who “get in the way”.

On the other hand, a truly responsible student works hard to learn because he knows that things only have their true value if they were done the right way, and that an artificial high mark that resulted from cheating does not reflect the student’s intelligence at all.

Unfortunately, the contraceptive motto of students nowadays is, “Cheating is bad if you got caught,” which is on the same line of thinking as those who say, “Have fun, just don’t get pregnant.”

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