Comment on the Title “CBCP Pushes for Traditional Methods of Contraception in Congress & Aquino”

To read the full article that I am referring to, please click here. The underlined and italicized lines are quoted arguments from the original source.

First of all, the Catholic Church does not promote any kind of contraception. The title and the introduction of the article misrepresent the stand of the Church.

“…it should just let congress decide on its what is best for the country.”

[Decide on its what?] The Congress will not be the one who will decide what is best for the country, they will just represent what the citizens think is the best for the country. Now, who are the citizens? Are they the majority? Not really. As long as you are a Filipino, you are a citizen of this country, and you have the right to be represented and to be heard. The Congress is not the brain of the nation. On the other hand, the Church is the conscience of the nation. It is not surprising though that this conscience is being ignored, if not being attacked, by almost the whole society, just like almost everybody violates their own individual conscience.

“…the legislative and president aquino is responsible for all filipinos of all faiths, not just catholics…”

President Aquino and the legislators are responsible for all Filipinos including Catholics. I think that is a better way of saying it. We, Catholics, do not propose any bill that violates Muslims, Protestants, or any faith, but a contraceptive legislation is directly anti-Catholic. Now, will you say that civil law should be indifferent to religion? No. That is not how it is.

What you are really suggesting is that the government should go ahead with its sex education program, convincing the young students that this and that are right and good, while the Church teaches the same young students that those things that are being taught in the schools are evil.

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