My Comments as of August 28, 2010

The texts in italic and underline are the objectors’ statements while the normal texts are my replies.

“sex is not just for the sake of making babies and you ain’t gonna do a shit about it…welcome to the 21st century old man…people express their love not just by giving flowers etc…we don’t want to couples to have unwanted babies…to be honest w/ you…sex is not just for making love…it has a new definition…’one night stand’…hehehehe”

We don’t say that sex is just for making babies, did I? Now, regarding “unwanted babies”, you should be the one who must be reminded (or rather educated) that there are no unwanted babies in a truly civilized society. We know and understand human dignity now more than ever; I hope you do. Those people who do not want their babies…well, I don’t have to describe them. If we are not ready yet to make a bigger family, then we don’t intentionally make another babies, but we welcome them wholeheartedly if they come unexpectedly. Actually, we intentionally avoid fertile days in that case, but we don’t intend to frustrate conception…that’s the difference.

Sorry to hear that you actually believe that you can redefine things arbitrarily as if you can change its nature. If you are a modern man, then you should think like a man with understanding. Sex is for man but man is not for sex. Nothing should enslave man, whether money, power, or pleasure; he should be over them. A modern man should say, “I do what I will, I do what is right, and not as my drives tell me to,” or else he is more animal than man.

Now, will you wash your face from a used toilet bowl if the current culture redefine its purpose? Will you drink using a bedpan if its already acceptable to the society? Well, actually, you can do it if you want; but still, you cannot redefine man and his purpose and of everything that is part of him. It’s just a matter of recognizing the nature of things as they really are. To try to redefine them is a great stupidity that a true modern man would not do.

Don’t try to listen with your nose; it won’t work.


for the 1st time…i agree w/ you…”Filipino attitude that is the root of all these problems.”-blind faith…using you’re heart & not you’re brain…less corrupt nations like U.S. are making efforts to lessen their population…w/c means we need to lessen our population because more people to serve means less allocation for resources…that’s not good…..

“more people to serve means less allocation for resources”

You might want to say, “More people to be served means less allocation for resources.” But then again, it is still not true, logically speaking. You should realize that everybody is getting old and nobody is getting young or maintaining their age. When a country has more old people than young ones, then more are served than those who give service. Simply put, the working force of the country becomes much smaller than the dependents. Haven’t you heard yet about those countries that are almost desperate to increase their population? They just happened to realize that low birth rate is not really good. Russia, I think though, tries to solve the problem in a wrong way.

[Sex for the motherland: Russian youths encouraged to procreate at camp]


the root of all poverty…is too much population…more population means more people will consume the resources…eh kulang na nga yung resources anak pa ng anak…tapos sino sisisihin…gobyerno…sino ba may sabi na maganak sila ng mag-anak…gobyarno ba…hayyy…may dignidad ka nga…moral ang pamumuhay mo…just so you know…you can’t eat morality & dignity…you can’t feed starving people with you’re so-called morality & dignity…you said…

“Education, livelihood, and moral way of life are the solutions to the issue of poverty, not contraception.”

-how do you educate & give livelihood to almost 90+ million people…and still counting…..

“Korapsyon ang problema, kahirapan ang resulta. –PNoy”
Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.” –PNoy

With the way you think, I would assume that you did not vote for Noynoy, and that until now, you don’t believe his principles.

“the root of all poverty…is too much population…

So it would automatically mean that China should be poor…but that is not the case. What it really means, on the other hand, is that you are simply wrong.

“you can’t eat morality & dignity”

Wrong. Are you employed? Is it okay with your employer to hire a criminal or a person who cannot be trusted or has a scandalous lifestyle or dishonest? This is the morality and dignity that you casually discard; and just so you know, true morality is objective. Maaaring ang isang imoral ay kuning trabahante ng kapwa niya imoral dahil imoral ang kanilang trabaho, pero walang publikano (public sinner) ang tatanggapin ng isang matinong kompanya. “Bakit ko ilalagay sa iskandalosong posisyon ang negosyo ko para lang sa iyo,” yan ang isa sa mga praktikal na argumento. Ang totoo, kung moral kang tao, abutin ka man ng hindi maiiwasang kawalan o paghihirap na dinadanas din ng mga walang moral, marami pa rin ang hindi mag-aatubiling tumulong sa iyo dahil sa iyong pagkatao. Ang totoo niyan, di ko na ito dapat sinasabi pa. Alam mo na dapat yan.

“how do you educate & give livelihood to almost 90+ million people…and still counting…”

How do other countries give livelihood to its citizens that are also growing in numbers? Haven’t you watched the first SONA of Noynoy? Are you not aware that we were robbed billions of pesos by the past immoral government? Haven’t you heard the news that several billions of pesos also are not in the country’s fund because we are continuously being robbed by immoral businessmen. How much money do you need to give livelihood to the Filipino people? Will the immorality of a country feed you? We don’t need to be poor if only these people are moral and dignified.

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