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Let the Stones Shout!

This is the title of the encyclical regarding the RH Bill and the duty of the Church that Archbishop of Caceres, Leonardo Z. Legaspi issued on October 9, 2010 and was read on almost all Masses in the Archdiocese the … Continue reading

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My Comments as of October 11, 2010

Quoted texts are the objectors’ statements. “Whether or not the unborn child is less human than the mother is relative. Imagine: a pregnant woman is told that only one can live (either her or the baby). If I were her, … Continue reading

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Are The Claims of The RH Bill True?

Before giving your opinions about the issue, be sure to know the facts first. Save the link below and understand its content. You can start or re-start your research from there. Reproductive Health Bill 5043 is premised on Misconceptions and … Continue reading

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