Does Colmenares refer to Annulment?

MANILA, Philippines—A bill filed in the House of Representatives Spouses seeks an easy way out of marriage for those who are battered by their partners, abandoned for one year or are victims of infidelity. –

Should I be surprised by this news? Of course not! We have been expecting this move from the lawmakers even from the start (of the pro-RH activities). First is the already decade-long attempt to pass  a law on, and in favor of, State contraception. Then just last year, a certain Clara Rita Padilla came out to try to convince the Filipino people and the government that abortion should be legalized. Now it is another representative, Neri Colmenares of Bayan Muna party list, who pushes a fight for the loosening of the grounds on annulment, making it an arbitrary and purely legal issue. The congressman suggests that it should not be based on moral grounds.

Colmenares wants to amend the Family Code of the Philippines through the House Bill 3952, and one of the purpose is to define spousal violence, infidelity and/or abandonment as “presumed constitutive of psychological incapacity,” artificially making it consistent with one of the grounds for annulment of marriage.

The representative should be reminded that annulment is a process of proving that a couple’s marriage is null and void. It recognizes its non-existence instead of making it, as if it is possible. What Colmenares really wants is to make divorce legal by hiding it in the guise of annulment.

What’s next? State promotion of homosexuality and legalization of assisted suicide in the name of “mercy”?

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