An Open Letter to Risa Hontiveros (via With Open Hands)

What can I say? Aisa’s letter must be a great contribution to the collection of clearly explained arguments of people who love and respect life, and it boldly sets straight the negatively feministic claims of Hontiveros. It is clear that the advocates of RH Bill are the ones who cannot directly answer our questions, especially about the moral and social consequences of their proposal. Aisa, on the other hand, addresses as a woman the representative’s points, and sheds light to her errors and false claims.

I found Hontiveros’s style of arguing to be emotionally manipulative. It attempts to appeal to the feelings of the audience (which is not bad in itself) in a deceitful way, bombarding the mind of the listeners about the “risks of pregnancy”, the social status of women as wives and mothers, the so-called reproductive rights, and so on and so forth — all of these not to give plain facts but to stir emotions that will lead to ignorant conformism, instead of objectivity.

The Pastoral Letter can be found here. Risa Hontiveros' letter can be found here. Madame, You begin with a reference to the numerous points in the  Bishops' letter and the claim, "Most of them are old points that have been raised and clarified repeatedly in so many debates and too few dialogues in the past decade, though it drives me almost to tears that it seems the good Bishops have not been listening intently or understanding with empathy." Ma … Read More

via With Open Hands

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One Response to An Open Letter to Risa Hontiveros (via With Open Hands)

  1. Ma. Benita Ponciano says:

    Looking at your achievements, I can say that mine is nothing compared to yours. Still, I would like to share with you (as a mother and wife) how your views impacted
    a lot of people specially those you believe will benefit from the passing of the RH BILL.

    Let’s go to Europe. I had a priest tell me a story of how one day while walking in London ( I believe) he saw a couple pushing a stroller with a baby with big ears. His curiosity aroused, he went to look at the baby. Lo and behold! It licked him! It was a dog,afterall. People mostly would delay having children and instead prefer taking care of a pet. So,what’s my point? Europe has opened its doors to families of other nations.
    Now they are encouraging people together with their family to work and live in their
    country. Why? Because, the people of Europe is getting old. They need young people to take their place at work. Are they not self-sufficient? Are they not educated? Are they not cultured? They are highly affluent and highly cultured. Their mistake is to put leisure , first and sacrifice , last.

    I can’t make use of statistics to validate my statements. But from my readings the number of unwanted pregnancy and abortion increased (anywhere in the world where there are contraceptives) with the introduction of contraceptives.

    Are we not to tell our countrymen that the fruit of a couple’s love for each other is their
    offspring. That sex is an EXPRESSION of a person’s love for each other. That if they truly love, they are willing to make sacrifices. That they will practice and can practice self-control for the benefit of their wife and family. From such renunciation,everything else will follow.

    When I was young, I used to see a multitide of people coming from a single direction. It was a Sunday. They all came from the church. Nowadays, people have made the MALLS their church. Priests are not perfect. Thus, we have to pray for them.

    When I teach my children the road to take, I always have the BIBLE serve as a road map and the TEN COMMANDMENTS as the main road in the map.

    Didn’t God tell Abraham that He will make him a father of all nations? Are we not created because God loves us? Are not my children brought forth because of the love between me and my husband?Are not your children brought forth because of the love between you and your husband? If there will be no love between a husband and wife,what kind of a relationship is it? If there is love between a man and another man,what kind of a relationship is it? If there is love between a woman and another woman,what kind of a relationship is it? Isn’t it that God made a man and woman to bring forth another creature into this world? Everything preceeds from LOVE. But the love between man and another man isn’t love. A love between a woman and another woman isn’t love. It is perverted. Otherwise, a father who engages his daughter to have sex with him is a normal: because he loves his daughter.

    My childrem (2 boys and 1 girl) are already having the wrong notion that you use
    condoms or pills so that there will be no pregnancy. Young as they are, they are already thinking that to have children IS A BURDEN!

    I don’t want them to miss the joy of raising children, the joy of making sacrifices for them, the joy of having a family even if they don’t have a PSP, cellphone, and other stuff that will make them comfortable but not necessarily Happy.

    God Bless you and your family!

    I am sorry but I don’t know the verse in the bible where it says that “even before you were born, I already Knew you”. All for knowledge, all for advancement…they are now
    making test tubes babies. Some scientists don’t know any bound , there are simply things that are SACRED.

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